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Dear Reader,


It has now become both constitutionally and morally necessary for us to speak up against the injustices being carried out daily; this moment, that our generation faces, will determine what kind of a nation we want to be from hereon. Every generation has had to make this choice, and so must ours.


The twin measures of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) will create a class of citizens inferior to others, they will render thousands stateless, and hundreds will be condemned to detention camps (some are already there). Thousands have taken to the streets to oppose these unconstitutional actions by the Central Government.


However, the attempts by the State to crush dissent have been cruel and vicious. Section 144 has been imposed in several states and districts, even though people sought to protest peacefully. Twenty people across India have lost their lives (including an eight-year old), students have been shot at, detained, and beaten mercilessly, while internet access has been shut down repeatedly. These are the signs of a fascist government that refuses to listen to its citizens, and one which seeks to suppress dissent at all costs. 


The Azaad India Collective is a live archive of the Indian People’s resilience. We aim to provide information on as many upcoming protests as possible (reach out to us if you know about any in your city), while also documenting the many ways in which the youth, minorities, women, indigenous people, and ordinary citizens are raising their voices. The Citizen Uprising tab has all the information pertaining to the protests.


In order for our dissent and protests to be successful, we need an honest and committed media. The Support Azaad Media tab contains donation links to independent media sources that require funding to continue their attentive and persistent reportage.


As the movement grows, we shall provide information on our other initiatives. Until then follow our Instagram and Twitter handles for other updates @azaadindiacol.


Jai Hind! Inquilab Zindabad!