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Remembering the farewell for Justice Muralidhar, Delhi High Court, March 4.

The state of journalism in India today

In Remembrance

Vir Bhan, 50

Shan Mohd, 35

Ishaq Khan, 24

Mubarak Hussain, 28

Parvesh, 48

Rahul Solanki, 26

Shahid Khan, 25

Head constable Ratan Lal, 42

Zakir, 24

Mehtaab, 22

Deepak Kumar, 34

Mohd Furqan, 30

Ankit Sharma, 26


Mohsin Ali, 24

Vinod Kumar, 50

Mahruf Ali, 30

Aman, 17

Rahul Thakur, 23

Ashfaq, 22

Mudassir Khan, 30

30th January: Nation marks the death anniversary of Gandhi. Armed gunman at Jamia, as Delhi Police looks on.

Harvard University

An Anti-CAA protest in Berlin.


Exiled author Aatish Taseer at an anti-CAA protest,NYC.

Fatima Sheikh- Savitribai Phule Library, Shaheen Bagh

Medical Camp at Shaheen Bagh

Bijnor, UP

Creatives Against CAA